How Do I Start or Visit?


Try a Class for FREE to see if CrossFit may be right for you!
If you’d like to give CrossFit a try, drop into any of our classes! A coach will help you out with modifying the workout to meet your needs.


Know your ready to start CrossFit?
All of new members begin with 3 “On Ramp” training sessions with a CrossFit Certified Trainer. These sessions can be scheduled to fit your schedule. If you choose to do the sessions one on one with a trainer the price is $150. Groups of 2 are $125/person. Groups of 3 or more are $100/person. These prices include your 3 On Ramp Training Sessions and your first month of CrossFit membership.


If you’re a member of another CrossFit and have been through the CrossFit On Ramp sessions, please feel free to drop in if you are ever in our area. Use the “Contact us” page and drop us an email letting us know what class you’d like to attend. Drop in fee is $10/day or $40/week.